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Micronutrient deficiencies can lead to compromised immune systems, increased inflammation, and poor health.

Modern diets lead to these deficiencies which makes us vulnerable to constant attacks on our health from free radicals and oxidative stress.

Reducing free radicals and oxidative stress, promotes a healthy immune system and supports inflammation relief. Build your perfect Micro Daily bundle and get started on the path to optimal health today.


Six years and $24+ million invested


14 clinical trials conducted with 
U.S. Military, NASA and others.


Supported by 7 micronutrient patents including a patent on micronutrient protection against radiation.


Dr. Prasad Ph.D.'s products are all based on his 40+ years of research

Dr. Prasad has spent his life dedicated to the study of micronutrients and human health.

  • World's first radiation biology Ph.D.
  • 32 books and 250 peer-reviewed scientific articles published 
  • Discovered the anti-cancer potency of Vitamin E. Succinate
  • Former member of the Nobel Prize Nominating Committee for Medicine
  • Former President of the International Society of Nutrition and Cancer
  • Member, British Royal Academy of Medicine
  • Full Professor, Univ. of Colorado Medical school for 30+ years

Dr. Daniel Pompa

My family and I take Micro Daily and I recommend that you start taking Micro Daily today.

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Dr. Michele Millen

As a Naturopath and formulator, I didn’t initially see anything unique in Micro Daily until I tried it and had 100 of my clients test the benefits. Dr. Prasad and the studies “sealed the deal”!

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Dr. Jose Lizardi

43 years of Integrative Medicine. In 90 days, Micro Daily dramatically improved my own blood work and labs, and now replaces seven different supplement suppliers in my office.

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All Preferred Customers and Affiliates  with a subscription can earn up to 15% of your subscription dollar value in rewards points every month. 

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Just for Veterans

We think Veterans have served us all, plus Micro Daily was developed with the support of the U.S. Military. As a thank you we offer 50% off all of our products to Veterans (bundles not included).

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Engage Cares

Our mission is to Bring Health and Wellness to the World. We do this by sharing Dr. Prasad’s products and also by supporting worthy causes that are blessing the lives of those who need a little lift up. Here are some of the worthy charities we have supported.

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