Micro Daily

A Story Like No Other.

The toughest skeptics (U.S. Military, NASA and others) were hard to please, but Dr. Kedar Prasad Ph.D. did it.

Dr. Prasad Ph.D. is not about pseudoscience and half-truths. In 2001, the U.S. Military wanted a product which would be effective and backed by science, and would protect the health of our servicemen and servicewomen while enhancing their physical endurance.

Boot Camp is easy compared to what the U.S Military demanded of Dr.Prasad.
It took 6 years, $24+ million and 14 successful clinical studies before Dr. Prasad Ph.D. satisfied the Generals and skeptics on what his products could deliver. Because of this rigorous validation process, you can trust that Micro Daily will deliver the results that you are counting on to feel your very best.

Micro Daily
Micro Daily is the world's most scientifically-validated micronutrient supplement that supports your immune system and promotes daily optimal health.