In the 1st Century BC over 2,000 years ago Cicero said, “gratitude is not only the greatest of all virtues but the parent of all others”. As we celebrate this holiday season just having finished Thanksgiving and now moving through the holidays and the New Year, my heart and soul are filled with gratitude. I am grateful for the virtuous people who every day I am privileged to work with as we make our dreams a reality. 

First, I am grateful to Dr. Prasad for his dedication and resilience in developing an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of how micronutrients can bring health and wellness to the world. I am grateful for our Micro Daily customers who are experiencing life-changing results by taking Dr. Prasad’s micronutrient formulations. I am grateful for our Engage Team that works diligently to provide world class service and support in so many ways. Finally, I am grateful to our Engage Affiliates who have joined us in our mission to bring health and wellness to the world. 

During this holiday season, I have been thinking of what is meaningful and satisfying in life. As I reflect on my life’s experience, there is one thing that rises to the top. Serving and blessing the lives of others. That is what is meaningful, and I am so thankful that I have Engage to provide me the opportunity to serve and get to know so many wonderful people. 

For over two decades my business career was focused on finance. The “Art of the Deal” some would say. Then in 2012 my life was changed with a singular introduction. That introduction was to Military Micronutrient Formulation and its creator Dr. Prasad. The past 10-year journey has been the hardest of my business career. I have been challenged in ways I never thought possible. There have been many days in which I wanted to cry uncle and quit. The opposition was great, and the journey has been long. But today, I can say all the hard work and effort has been worth it. 

Engage was started with a two-fold dream. Dream one was born in a young man in India 80 years ago. That dream was Dr. Prasad’s, and it was to bring health and wellness to the world. Dream two has been in my heart from the day Engage Global was founded. That dream was to bring health and wellness to the world and to redefine what it means to be a network marketing company. My dream was to create a company where everyone can win. Where hard work and integrity are rewarded. To provide a real opportunity for financial freedom that is fair and transparent. 

Today I am grateful that my life has converged with the lives of so many others who share these same dreams and who are helping to make these dreams a reality for so many people who hunger for good and who want to believe that goodness can be the foundation of a business. 

Thank you to all of you this Holiday Season for joining the Engage family and for your efforts and commitment to making our dreams a reality. The reality is that we are just getting started and 2023 is a year of destiny for all our Engage family members. Onward.