Originally formulated to sustain and defend the health of U.S. Troops, Micro Daily is now available to promote these benefits for you every day:

  • Boost Your Immune System
  • Support Anti-Inflammation Response
  • Optimize your Natural Anti-Aging Process
  • Support Joint and Pain Relief
  • Maintain DNA Integrity
  • Enhance Natural Cellular Defenses
  • Increase Energy

What’s Inside

Vitamin A – Protects cells from free radicals. Promotes healthy skin, a strong immune system and eye health.
Vitamin C – Enhances the production of anti-viral agent interferon gamma and strengthens the immune system. Enhances the formation of collagen to maintain skin elasticity.
Vitamin E Succinate – Activates Nrf2, crosses the blood brain barrier, nourishes & protects the brain, protects against excessive glutamate induced cell death throughout the body.
Vitamin B-3 – Provides substrate to mitochondria for energy, and enhances production of new mitochondria.
Vitamin B-12 – Prevents excessive release of glutamate. Essential in red blood cell function, cell metabolism, nerve function and DNA production.
CoQ10 - Activates Nrf2, improves energy, provides mitochondria substrate for generation of energy. Boosts the immune system, neutralizes free radicals, supports cell growth, and prevents release of excessive glutamate.
Alpha Lipoic Acid – Activates Nrf2. One of the most powerful antioxidants and natural distributor of glutathiones. Destroys toxins and is present in every cell, where it assists in energy production.
N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine (NAC) - Activates Nrf2. Used by the body to build antioxidants and replenish the most powerful antioxidant in your body – glutathione. Helps with respiratory conditions and brain health.
Beta-Carotene - Critical antioxidant that prevents cellular and DNA damage.

Twice Daily (Morning/Evening)

In order to achieve optimal results and ensure that each ingredient is used by the body exactly as it should be, it is critical to follow proper dosing instructions for Dr. Prasad’s products.

Dr. Prasad’s research revealed that two times per day dosing maximizes the effectiveness of micronutrients and supplementation. Research shows that dosing once a day may cause high fluctuations in antioxidant levels in your body that may markedly alter gene expression and increase the chance of cell mutation which can be the source of disease and illness. Twice daily supplementation keeps your body fed all day long and can decrease the risk of altered gene expression and cell mutation.

Some micronutrients and CBD are fat soluble and require food for maximum absorption and efficacy. By taking micronutrients with food you are maximizing their absorption and effectiveness for your health.

Micro Daily Original


Developed with the US Military to Protect your body from the inside out

  • Scientifically Validated
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Boosts your Immune System
  • Optimizes Anti-Inflammation Response
  • Eliminates Cell Damaging Free Radicals
  • Contains CoQ10 for optimal Heart Health and Energy Boost