At Engage, we're proud to offer a range of supplements designed to not just meet but exceed your health and wellness expectations. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, underpinned by our proprietary Combination, Quantity, Form (CQF). Why? Because we believe that the foundation of good health starts with the supplements you choose. In a world where wellness is paramount, the importance of quality cannot be overstated. Through our CQF standard, Engage supplements are not just another choice; they represent a pledge towards excellence and efficacy.

What Is CQF?

CQF stands for Combination, Quantity, Form, a rigorous standard we adhere to in the formulation of all Engage supplements. This approach ensures that every product is crafted with a precise blend of ingredients, in the right quantities, and in the most bioavailable forms. Combination refers to the synergistic pairing of nutrients to enhance their effectiveness; Quantity denotes the precise amount of each nutrient, making sure it aligns with established health benefits without overloading the body; Form relates to the chemical structure of the nutrients, ensuring they are in the most absorbable and utilizable forms for the body. This meticulous attention to detail in the CQF process guarantees that each supplement delivers on its promise of promoting optimal health and wellness.

The Right Combination

Determining the perfect blend of ingredients for our supplements is a task we approach with scientific rigor and a deep understanding of nutritional synergy. At Engage, this begins with exhaustive research into each ingredient's health benefits, potential interactions, and the overall impact on the body when combined with other nutrients. Dr. Kedar Prasad utilizes the latest peer-reviewed studies and clinical trials to map out the ideal compositions. 

We focus on creating formulations where the ingredients not only complement each other but also work together to enhance each other's effectiveness, known as the entourage effect. This meticulous process ensures that our supplements offer a balanced, synergistic blend that maximizes health benefits, ensuring our customers receive the most potent and effective products on the market.

Optimal Quantity

At Engage, we understand that the efficacy of a supplement is not just about the right combination of ingredients, but also about ensuring those ingredients are provided in amounts that are both safe and effective. Striking this balance requires a detailed understanding of the optimal dosage for each ingredient based on current scientific research and nutritional guidelines. Dr. Prasad meticulously reviews the latest studies and consults with health professionals to determine the precise quantities of nutrients needed to achieve the desired health outcomes without risking over-supplementation. 

This adherence to optimal dosage not only maximizes the potential benefits of each supplement but also aligns with our commitment to safety and effectiveness. By continually monitoring research developments and adjusting our formulas accordingly, Engage guarantees that our supplements maintain the highest standard of ingredient quality and dosage accuracy. Our dedication to these principles ensures that every product we offer is designed to support and enhance the wellness journeys of our customers.

Superior Form

The form of the ingredients used in dietary supplements is a critical factor that can significantly impact their absorption and efficacy. At Engage, we prioritize not just the quality but also the form of nutrients we incorporate into our products. Understanding that the body's ability to absorb, process, and utilize nutrients varies greatly depending on their forms, we meticulously select those with the highest bioavailability. Bioavailability refers to the proportion of a nutrient that is digestible, absorbable, and ultimately available for the body's use. 

By focusing on the bioavailability of ingredients, Engage ensures that our supplements offer maximum health benefits, leading to more efficient and effective results for our customers. This commitment to superior form complements our dedication to optimal dosage and synergistic ingredient combinations, setting Engage supplements apart as a leader in the industry for quality and effectiveness.

The Dr. Prasad CQF Seal of Approval

For those seeking reassurance about the scientific backing and quality of their dietary supplements, the Dr. Prasad CQF seal serves as a powerful testament. This unique seal is awarded exclusively to products that have been formulated by Dr. Kedar Prasad. Engage's commitment to excellence is further solidified through this certification, as it reflects our stringent adherence to the highest scientific standards. The presence of the Dr. Prasad CQF seal on our supplements means that each product not only meets but often exceeds industry benchmarks for quality and scientific validation. This seal assures our customers that they are choosing supplements designed for optimal health benefits, backed by scientific research and quality assurance processes.

Engage supplements stand apart as a beacon of reliability and excellence, providing our consumers with nothing less than the best in their pursuit of health and wellness.