I am grateful and appreciative to all the Affiliates and their customers for working so hard to fulfill my dream and mission of improving public health. It was divine intervention that I met David Nemelka who has the same mission and same passion. He and his team have the knowledge and expertise in accomplishing this great thing.  

My initial goal, for which I came to the United States was achieved by the development of Micro Daily which is a powerful radioprotective agent, and the development of Micro DailyEMF which provides additional benefits against non-ionizing radiation such as electromagnetic field radiation emitted by 5G or less. In addition, this and other products that I have developed would be useful in providing a good quality of life during aging. 

Awareness of the devastation of Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the atomic bomb explosion led to my primary goal to develop a radioprotective agent for humans. In 1960, I joined the University of Iowa, Iowa City, as a graduate student in Radiation Biology. Although I discovered a few radioprotective agents which were effective in rats; however, they were not useful in humans. 

After extensive research for over 35 years, a breakthrough came when my newly developed formulation was patented and approved by military scientists and was tested with the help of Congressional and Private financial support, and in collaboration with the Department of Defense Laboratories. The product was called Military Micronutrient Formulation which showed significant health benefits in Marines, veterans, and civilian volunteers. It was also a very powerful radioprotective agent in mice, sheep, rabbits, and humans. This was the beginning of my journey to fulfill my mission which continues to this day.