Happy New Year to our Engage Family. Wow! Wow! Wow! Thank you to all of our Affiliates for making 2022 a record-breaking year. Dr. Prasad and I are sincerely humbled by the breathtaking growth that Engage experienced in 2022. Your passion, commitment and hard work inspire us every day to be our very best. Thanks to all of you, our Mission to Bring Health and Wellness to the World is becoming more and more of a reality every day.

For 2023, the personal theme that I have chosen for my life and my efforts to support you as Engage family members and Affiliates is "Lighter." I want to continue to do all I can to help make Engage a company that lightens your load so that being an Affiliate at Engage is fun, easy, rewarding and meaningful for each and every one of you. I want you to all experience the exhilaration and satisfaction of fulfilling the full measure of your potential as an Engage Affiliate. I want to personally be someone who shines a light on the truth in your life that you really can and do make a difference in the lives of others. I want to shine a light on the direct sales industry and show the world that there is a way that direct sales can be done where 100% of the people who become affiliates can succeed. I want to revolutionize what it means to be a network marketing and micronutrient company. I want to be a light on the hill that shines brightly as a symbol of goodness and love. At Engage we are a different kind of company because we are REAL.

Or products are REAL (the most scientifically validated in the world). Our business model is REAL (We truly pay All of It and everyone can win as an Affiliate). Our values are REAL. We are Resilient in our commitment and efforts to do good. We strive for Excellence in all we do. We are Authentic in our efforts to do and be good. We Love ourselves, our products, our Engage family and we love life and helping others to live a better life. Engage is a special place to be and we are all here at the right time. I say a prayer of thanks every day for all of you and I am grateful that I am so fortunate to be a part of your family, our family, the Engage Family. I am interested to know what each and every one of you have chosen as your 2023 theme word. Please email me at david@engage-global.com and share your theme word. I look forward to the inspiration that you each are willing to share with me. Happy New Year. 2023 is going to be truly special.